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Machine Shop, Metal work, Auto Repair, and other DIY Classes in Los Angeles

It was amazingly hard to figure out where I can learn the kinds of things I love to learn. California provides a great public education system for those interested in continuing education, but like all governmental organizations all of the information is extremely scattered and hard to find. So I figured I would consolidate some of the links into one page. If there are any related programs, categories or information I missed, please let me know so I can include them!

The links below are a good starting point but keep in mind that a lot of the websites are very poor and lack information. Persistence is key here, and my best recommendation is find out when the class meets and go one day to talk to the professor before class and check out the shop. Another option is to call the schools -- worth a try but they often do not return voicemails and make it hard to find the right person to talk to. Just keep trying because it is worth it. Some of the hardest to find programs and those with no webpage and just a listing in a huge catalog have turned out to be the best ones.

Most of the programs mentioned have classes for under $100. Many are around $50 or $60 for a semester-long class. I will keep posting here as I remember them, so check back periodically.

Metal work & Welding (the key is to look at both, since some schools have good classes in both and others only have one department):

Auto & Motorcycle Repair:

Auto Body:

Misc random subjects that look interesting:

More Programs and useful links:

This page is somewhat up-to-date as of April 2017.